2019 Event Waypoints

Waypoints are listed in order of point value NOT by location. Choose your route wisely – you have from 9am to noon to collect punches on your waypoint card with your partner.

#1 – Eagle Trailhead and 51st St (Boulder Res Rd.) – 2pts
Look for the hole punch attached to the large gate at beginning of Eagle Trailhead.

  • 40.0803, -105.23554

#2 – Lefthand Trail Shelter Waypoint – 2pts
**WARNING** This trail stays muddy much longer than dirt roads. If things don’t dry out, avoid the single track and access using dirt road from Neva Rd, you’ll be pushing your bike covered in clay otherwise**
Located near Hwy 36 and Neva Rd on Left Hand Trail, to the west of Lefthand Reservoir. The hole punch is attached to a tree just east of the shelter by the BBQ.

  • 40.10185, -105.2758

#3 – Lobo Trail, North of Lookout and 75th – 2pts
From 75th and Lookout intersection, head north on dirt trail. At first intersection, look for hole punch attached to bridge.

  • 40.08225, -105.17847

#4 Bow Mountain Rd. + Linden Dr. – 4pts
At the top of Bow Mountain coming from the Lee Hill side, look for the hole punch at the intersection with Linden Dr. on the east side where the mailboxes are.

  • 40.05411, -105.31303

#5 Joder Ranch Climb – 4pts
Climbing Joder Ranch from Hwy 36, at the summit look for the hole punch at the ‘steep loose descent’ post or tree nearby.

  • 40.11646, -105.29919

#6 Open Sky Loop Trail near Lagerman Reservoir – 4pts
From N 63rd St and Prospect Rd. go East 100 yards on Prospect and look for single track heading north on your left. Ride to the first trail intersection and find the hole punch. 

  • 40.13787, -105.20489

#7 Gate Closure, N. of Oxford Rd and N 81st St. – 4pts
Intersection of N 81st St and N 79th St where the East-West dirt road is gated to motor vehicles. From N 81st and Oxford dirt roads, head North until it comes to a ‘T’ and turn left. Gate is approx. 100 yards to the west with pedestrian pass through on right side. Hole punch on gate.

  • 40.12702, -105.16779

#8 Poorman Rd. – Boulder Rural Fire Cistern – 4pts
Intersection of Poorman Rd and Leonards Rd. when the steep portion of Poorman is over. Hole punch attached to tree in center of turnaround at Boulder Rural fire cistern on West side of road.

  • 40.03621, -105.33337

#9 Logan Mill and Evening Star Route – 15pts
Hole punch attached to arrow sign at intersection on SouthWest side. Right hand switchback as you’re climbing, hole punch on outside of turn. Says ‘Evening Star’ on another sign next to the small arrow sign.

  • 40.03693, -105.37177

#10 Sunshine Saddle Escape Route from Rowena to Deer Trail – 15pts
Sunshine Saddle Emerg. Escape Route Summit (from Rowena to Deer Trail/Lee Hill).  Located near ‘Camp Hummel’ this steep double track climb from the Sunshine Saddle near Rowena connects to the top of Deer Trail Rd at Mine Lane. Gate at base and top of climbs will say ‘Emergency Access Only.’ Climb is very steep. Hole punch will be at the road closed gate at summit of climb.

  • 40.07493, -105.35629

#11 Lickskillet Rd. Halfway – 15pts
While climbing, a lefthand switchback about halfway up to Gold Hill. Hole punch attached to upper blue barrel on inside of turn.

  • 40.06986, -105.41427

#12 County Rd 87J Gate, Golden Age Hill – 40pts
Shoot the moon waypoint! No guarantee you can get here and back in 3 hours…the risk and reward is yours.
Gate crosses 87J while riding uphill and east. From Jamestown, climb west to county road 87 with ‘Cal Wood’ sign on right. Turn right on county road 87, steep climb to intersection with 87J, turn right on 87J and follow road to the closed road gate.

  • 40.12618, -105.36049